Lincolnshire Drainage Co Ltd was the first land drainage company to use GPS depth control in Europe.  We worked closely with Mastenbroek®, Trimble® and Farm Works Software® to help produce a system that was reliable and accurate.

On all four of our Mastenbroek 30/20 Trenchers we run the latest GPS technology, which allows our trenchers to get the most precise level when trenching.  This allows us to accurately lay our drains 'on grade' to the correct levels in your field, digging only to the depth which is required and allowing us to use the required amount of aggregates.  We achieve this by surveying every drain individually with the trencher.  This will appear on a screen in the cab for the operator to see, allowing them to see where there are any lower areas.  Therefore we can use aggregates more effectively, directly targeting each low area for maximum effect each time.  As the GPS system continues to develop and improve we continue to invest in the improvements that are made.  We now have two trenchers that are using auto steer technology as well as depth control.

This new GPS system is far better than the old laser system that was introduced in the 1970s.  It is more accurate for depth control of the trench.  It requires less labour in the field and automatically records each job as it goes, which means we can produce more precise plans once the work has been carried out.  As the system is also less susceptible to weather this means we can work when the elements are against us.

Please click the thumbnail images below to see GPS in action!