Land Drainage

land drainage in actionFarming well drained agricultural land is a priceless asset to any arable farmer.  Well drained land leads to increased yields, extended growing period, lower harvesting costs and lower drilling and cultivation costs.

Lincolnshire Drainage Company has a wealth of experience spanning over 50 years.  Established in 1964 we have gained an unrivalled reputation as a quality contractor that leaves no stone unturned in completing a successful and effective drainage solution.  After your initial enquiry we will arrange a free of charge, no obligation meeting for an independent consultant to come and discuss the areas in question, look at existing drainage plans and take thorough land and water levels.  From that a plan will be drawn up to suit your requirements.

Once you are completely satisfied with the proposed solution we will discuss timings of the work to be completed, access and gravel tipping locations.  Once the work begins we will use state of the art machinery only operated by trained and experienced personnel.  To complete we will provide you with an 'as laid' plan of the installed drainage.

We have an unrivalled fleet of 8 stoning machines, which are capable of installing gravel in all conditions.  Installation of gravel through the gravel hopper attached to the back of the pipe box means we can prevent wastage and install clean gravel to the exact depths required by the customer.


coils pipe gravel

Land drainage is one of the most important assets on any farm and looking after your soil is a key part of crop growth and yield.

In some years land drainage is the difference between having a crop to harvest and complete crop loss, or even having the ability to access a crop so that it can be harvested and, as we all know, the weather is unpredictable.

Land drainage is a long term investment in your land and therefore schemes need to be considered very carefully.  That's why we employ independent land drainage consultants to recommend schemes that are best for the customer.

Although the initial cost of land drainage is high, the benefits are there for all to see, with a typical yield increase of 25%, extended growing periods, and an increase in the value of your land.  The benefits far exceed the cost, especially when considering a typical 30 year lifespan of the system, with well-maintained schemes lasting much longer.


We always source the best quality materials possible at the most competitive prices available.  Good quality pipe and gravel are key factors in ensuring the lifespan of any drainage scheme and we never cut corners to save money.

Samples can be provided of both gravel and pipe before work starts; however we are sure that our high standards will ensure that this isn't necessary in most cases.